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first post

dena's taking a nap...well, not really a nap, just sleeping on the futon until i wake her up to go to bed. i'm not that tired yet (since i didn't wake up until 3:00 or so) but anyway...

looks like i have one of these now. i'm not sure if i'll actually write in it - or if i do, what i'll write about. i guess i could bitch about losing my job for no reason, but it looks like everything is going to be ok with that. i'm going to get unemployment and it's as much as i made at my last job, so that's fine with me. wes was mad that i make about 3x he does by not working than he does working allll week long haha.

we got back from the beach yesterday, it was super fun. dena got her labret thingy pierced and it looks cool. i hope she can keep it in until she can change it. it's starting to annoy her a bit from rubbing against her gums and a little swelling a bit on her lip. i like it though :)

um, what else... well i guess not too much. stuff is good.
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